Best for Today’s Little Screens: Share Short Stories Online with Word Mic

Today the Internet may be deranging much with the novel industry, however, for short story authors, it has been a great thing too.

Word Mic is a platform just for short story authors, launched to give a chance to the budding authors to share short stories online for free. Here we will select a collection of conventional, traditional as well as contemporary authors and allow them to share short stories online for free.

Have A Look at The Style We Would Like Your Short Story to Be Structured:

Good authors frequently break rules – but they do know they are doing it! We have listed some rules you must know before framing your short story.


Before you share short stories online, you must consider the theme in a story is an underlying message or an idea, in short, it is the critical belief being conveyed via the author in his short story. While enlightening your author about your theme, make sure not to get preachy. Let your theme evolve out of your short story so that the readers can learn it on their own. Avoid disclosing the theme of your short story in the form of a short moral in the end.


Before you share short stories online, pay special attention to the plot. It is usually about the struggle or conflict that the stories main character is witnessing. Conflict in the story can be with some other character or with how the ways are, or with character’s feelings or needs. The main character must lose or win at least partially on their own, not just be saved by someone. Most frequently, the character grows and learns as they try to resolve their issues. What the main character learns is the story’s theme.

Structure of The Story

Decide whether your story should be in the tone of a first-person narrating the tale or third person before you share a short story online. Pronouns for the third person are she, he and it. Writing the story as the third person means that you are narrating the story as if it is all about other folks. Pronoun for the first person is I, and writing as the first person means that you are narrating the story as if it occurred with you.

Stories Characters

Before framing your story, know all your characters well. Your protagonist should be such that the reader can connect with easily. No need to delineate all your character, it is enough if you can state two to three characteristics about the characters while you share short stories online.

The Setting of Your Story

Set your short story in a place & time that are familiar and interesting.

Tone and Style

Use the language you are comfortable with and feel correct for your story. Use speech and actions to let the readers know what is happening such as “Please, don’t leave”. Narrate speech in indirect quotes such as “Go Away!”

Your language in the story need not be fancy but should be written in simple sentences and words that a reader can connect with and understand better.

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