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Poetry is a form of art that has outlasted for ages. We study poetries in school, hear numerous quotes around them. But we rarely look into their in-depth meaning. The question to ask here is, does it matter? The answer to this would be yes, it matters. Reading and writing poetries can drastically ameliorate your life. From Robert Frost to Rabindranath Tagore all have witnessed the change in their life owing to poetry. And here we are with an opportunity for the poetry writers to publish poetry online free on our website.

Poetry: Key to Solace

From the perspective of a poetry writer, writing down the emotions can be elusive as well as enjoyable. We usually advise our audience that whenever they begin writing poetry for the first time – practice and patience are the keys they should follow to find their inner voice. While you may not be very satisfied with your first attempt, with continuous practice you can hone your skills. To get better ideas and imagination, consider reading poems of Shakespeare, Angelou, Austen, and Wilde. Look at the pattern and flow of their poems and try to open your heart, connect well with your internal soul and write a poem. Poetry is not a mask that you can craft, it should come out from your heart. Also, you can now publish poetry online freeon the Word Micwebsite and reach out to the lovers of such beauty.

Bring Out the Emotions

For being a good poet, vulnerability is the key. Poetry is all about expressing your thoughts and feelings that are suppressed within you. When writing poetry, you should be honest with yourself and about your feelings to write a poem worth reading. Poetry in true sense is the grabbing and stopping of your thought and feelings by the tail and then pulling it up in your conscious mind and then finally expressing the beauty and wonder in writing. It all about an unbreakable connection you share between your heart and mind and with the surroundings that bestow you with a peaceful life. Also, you can easily publish poetry online freeand help people connect with such lovely thoughts.

Express Your Heart Out

As you get to express your heart out via poetry, it steadily provides stress relief. Expressing your feelings on paper in the form of poetry, not only helps to build up your skills it also assists in understanding your feelings and effectively helps you communicate with them. Furthermore, it is your skill that will be with you your whole life no matter what you end up becoming and as you publish poetry online free, you will be able to effectively touch many hearts. So, reach out for a pen and let go of those things burdening your freedom. Write poetry with your heart and allow it to affect you as well as others through Word Mic. Reach us as we can help you publish poetry online free so that your poetry reaches others too and touches their life.

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