Get a Chance with Us to Publish Poetry Online Free

Publish Poetry Online Free

Poetry is a form of art that has outlasted for ages. We study poetries in school, hear numerous quotes around them. But we rarely look into their in-depth meaning. The question to ask here is, does it matter? The answer to this would be yes, it matters. Reading and writing poetries can drastically ameliorate your life. From Robert Frost to Rabindranath Tagore all have witnessed the change in their life owing to poetry. And here we are with an opportunity for the poetry writers to publish poetry online free on our website.

Poetry: Key to Solace

From the perspective of a poetry writer, writing down the emotions can be elusive as well as enjoyable. We usually advise our audience that whenever they begin writing poetry for the first time – practice and patience are the keys they should follow to find their inner voice. While you may not be very satisfied with your first attempt, with continuous practice you can hone your skills. To get better ideas and imagination, consider reading poems of Shakespeare, Angelou, Austen, and Wilde. Look at the pattern and flow of their poems and try to open your heart, connect well with your internal soul and write a poem. Poetry is not a mask that you can craft, it should come out from your heart. Also, you can now publish poetry online freeon the Word Micwebsite and reach out to the lovers of such beauty.

Bring Out the Emotions

For being a good poet, vulnerability is the key. Poetry is all about expressing your thoughts and feelings that are suppressed within you. When writing poetry, you should be honest with yourself and about your feelings to write a poem worth reading. Poetry in true sense is the grabbing and stopping of your thought and feelings by the tail and then pulling it up in your conscious mind and then finally expressing the beauty and wonder in writing. It all about an unbreakable connection you share between your heart and mind and with the surroundings that bestow you with a peaceful life. Also, you can easily publish poetry online freeand help people connect with such lovely thoughts.

Express Your Heart Out

As you get to express your heart out via poetry, it steadily provides stress relief. Expressing your feelings on paper in the form of poetry, not only helps to build up your skills it also assists in understanding your feelings and effectively helps you communicate with them. Furthermore, it is your skill that will be with you your whole life no matter what you end up becoming and as you publish poetry online free, you will be able to effectively touch many hearts. So, reach out for a pen and let go of those things burdening your freedom. Write poetry with your heart and allow it to affect you as well as others through Word Mic. Reach us as we can help you publish poetry online free so that your poetry reaches others too and touches their life.

4 Essential Tips to Factor in To Publish Poetry Online

Publish Poetry Online

If you love writing poetry with carefully selected words capable enough to stir a reader’s imagination or even emotions, then you should go ahead and publish poetry online, that too for free. And one you garner enough votes; you get qualified and we at Word Mic would invite you for our Award Event Participation.

So, wait no more and unleash the power of your words through your powerful ideas and thoughts translated in the form of poetry. Following these tips would surely help to publish poetry online without any hassle and also let you focus on what you do best.

First Build and Target the Right Audience Online

Probably the first and the most important thing you need to do before getting your poetry published anywhere online is to ensure that you clearly define your audience, i.e. the readers. Remember that this cannot be an overnight task as you will need to understand the genre you are writing and who all you want to reach out to through your writing. Building an audience online takes time, and you need to also stay active on every possible social media platform in order to build the right audience, and also factor in the comments which they put in on your posts.

Do Not Forget Contribution to The Community

In order to ensure a deep and long-lasting impact on your audience, both online and offline, you as a poet need to contribute to your community in a strong manner. Do so by joining networks thathelp you to connect with like-minded writers/poets. You should also be open towards collaborations as this helps a lot in creating the impact you have so long been looking for. Continuously participating and sharing thoughts,experience,ideas with others and making a transparent impression can be a long-term winning plan for a writer or poet. The more you interact the more you become acceptable to people.

Do Not Ignore the Print Options

Even if you go on to become popular in the online world, do not commit the mistake of ignoring print options, like literary magazines.Even though to publish poetry online the dynamic presence would be key, you can turn your success story into an extraordinary one by focusing on print as well.

Try the E-book Way

Publishing poetry is no easy task. To grow yourself and evolve continuously, the writer has to create or find ways. One such way can be through e-books, the perfect merger of the online and offline world. Given the increasing number of people opting for e-books, those are your perfect target audience.

Another benefit would be cutting expenses, as e-books allow you to have a legitimate publication without the trouble of physically printing them and selling them to readers. E-books are easy to publish and also offers a lot of convenience to the readers as they can access the same from any of their mobile devices.

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Best for Today’s Little Screens: Share Short Stories Online with Word Mic

Share Short Stories Online

Today the Internet may be deranging much with the novel industry, however, for short story authors, it has been a great thing too.

Word Mic is a platform just for short story authors, launched to give a chance to the budding authors to share short stories online for free. Here we will select a collection of conventional, traditional as well as contemporary authors and allow them to share short stories online for free.

Have A Look at The Style We Would Like Your Short Story to Be Structured:

Good authors frequently break rules – but they do know they are doing it! We have listed some rules you must know before framing your short story.


Before you share short stories online, you must consider the theme in a story is an underlying message or an idea, in short, it is the critical belief being conveyed via the author in his short story. While enlightening your author about your theme, make sure not to get preachy. Let your theme evolve out of your short story so that the readers can learn it on their own. Avoid disclosing the theme of your short story in the form of a short moral in the end.


Before you share short stories online, pay special attention to the plot. It is usually about the struggle or conflict that the stories main character is witnessing. Conflict in the story can be with some other character or with how the ways are, or with character’s feelings or needs. The main character must lose or win at least partially on their own, not just be saved by someone. Most frequently, the character grows and learns as they try to resolve their issues. What the main character learns is the story’s theme.

Structure of The Story

Decide whether your story should be in the tone of a first-person narrating the tale or third person before you share a short story online. Pronouns for the third person are she, he and it. Writing the story as the third person means that you are narrating the story as if it is all about other folks. Pronoun for the first person is I, and writing as the first person means that you are narrating the story as if it occurred with you.

Stories Characters

Before framing your story, know all your characters well. Your protagonist should be such that the reader can connect with easily. No need to delineate all your character, it is enough if you can state two to three characteristics about the characters while you share short stories online.

The Setting of Your Story

Set your short story in a place & time that are familiar and interesting.

Tone and Style

Use the language you are comfortable with and feel correct for your story. Use speech and actions to let the readers know what is happening such as “Please, don’t leave”. Narrate speech in indirect quotes such as “Go Away!”

Your language in the story need not be fancy but should be written in simple sentences and words that a reader can connect with and understand better.

Publish share short stories onlinethroughWord Mic, one of the top online storytelling portals.

Here is How to Publish Poetry Online for Free

Poetry is about evoking imaginative awareness of all aspects of existence. It displays emotions, beauty, and imagination in an artistic manner. At Word Mic, we are giving a chance to the budding writer to showcase their writing skills to the world.

We are selecting a collection of contemporary poets and giving them a chance to publish poetry online for free. With the new values of contemporary poetry, we try to offer you the forefront of poetry.

What to Do to Publish Poetry Online for Free on Our Site

In recent decades the poetic genre has been relegated to the background against the new novel formats. While maintaining stable health in general, it is also true that it is reduced to specific circles of regular readers who demand this genre.

Gone is the last boom that could be the generation of experience or new sentimentality, with authors who came to have real social recognition. Hence, we have brought this platform to help all the poets and writers to publish poetry online for freeand get recognition for the same.

Read Current Authors and Attend Readings and Presentations

It is essential to read contemporary poetry and participate in performances of poems or reading poems in public. All this will give you an idea of poetic trends today. It will take you to make a study of what publishers currently publish, hence give you the confidence to approach us to publish poetry online for free on our website.

Sign Up for A Creative Writing Course

Seek to nourish yourself in the best possible way. The creativity is something that is trained and works, so the more you do, do better work, and more likely to have come to fruition. These courses will teach you to let go as a writer and to look at poetry from other perspectives.

Send Your Work to Literary Magazines

Although they are a minority in the whole panorama of magazines and newspapers, within the sector, they are still quite significant. Sending poems, short stories, or other works to magazines will cost you nothing and, if you manage to get published, it can be a boost to your fame. Try your hands on our website and publish poetry online for free.

Ask for Opinions from Recognized Authors or Critics

If you manage to contact a known literary critic or a current prominent poet or writer to read and review your poems, you will make a tremendous leap. Seek to be advised but also to publish reviews of your poems on their networks while you publish poetry online for free.

Choose Among Your Poems Those That Have A Unity

Ideally, your book of poetry will be based on a common theme or will have a related element under which all lyrics will be linked. That is, all lyrics will be connected under a concept that will give body to the book.

We recommend that for your first book, you choose an extension of between 250-500 verses since it is the measure of short or medium poems.


So, these are the necessary steps to write and publish your poetry. To write poetry, you should read, listen to the great poems of great poets. Your writing skills and vocabulary should be active. You can send your poetry online on our website. We will praise and raise your work to the heights.

To publish your publish poetry online for freetoday and to know more about it, you can browse through our website or contact us directly.