Hima Bhatt

Writing is one of the best ways to express oneself.

I love to write as it connects me and my thoughts with others. Writing is a way to spread love, and i love to spread it

Enjoying rain..and its magic

When rain drops fall from the heavens above,
Do they do magic on earth’s stretch?
Or do they create magic in my soul?
A moment back I was wondering about my being..
I was thinking do I really belong to anyone..
That was difficult to sort out,
Yes for me,I was not getting answers.
But,lo,here the first drop of rain fell,
Straight on my soul
And what..
I know where I belong to..
I know,yes I know now
I belong to those untouched zeniths that I strive to reach someday,
My heart belongs to those vast unseen green meadows,
My soul is already drenched in the dew drops falling from heaven,
As here at my window,I sit and feel the rain soaked earth,
I know now rain has already done its bit, Yes,it has created the magic of music and love..yes just all over!!!

Early Morning Is My Time

Early morning is my time,my poetry time..
A tranquillity surrounds me,
I know birds are yet to chirp,
Dogs bark I know,they might have been doing that whole night,
Hark!I can hear the music from the wet grass too..
Yes,crickets have their melodies too.
Somewhere a cuckoo cooes and takes my heart along.
Stars and moon are conspiring to retire early today,
And the sun is yet to brighten us up.
Someone dreams somewhere,
While someone wakes up with a dream in heart..
This music, this brightness, these dreams..
Everything has a poetry in itself,
which a soul can only listen and beautiful hearts will sing it someday..