Word Mic – Publish Poetry Online

Who are We? What We do? Why we Need You?

We are a team of poetry lovers who love listening to people who write well.

We try to find Writers from all over the world and bring them on to one platform where they can share their creative writing with the world. We want to help you spread the word and share your love for writing with the rest of the world.

If you think you write well, please email us your writing, along with your picture and contact details. If we love what you write, we will provide you with a FREE open platform to publish poetry online yourself. The rest is in your hands (or “writing” shall we say)

Why WordMic ?

FREE Publicity

If you are good, we will advertise you everywhere for FREE. Yes FREE!. We will never charge you for any advertisement or publicity, we would rather help you get famous.

One Platform for Everyone

From Poets to Shayars, From Storyellers to Song Writers, WordMic provides an open mic platform for anyone and everyone who loves writing. All under one roof.

Easy to Use

All you do is send us a Whatsapp and our team will do the rest of the work. When suitable, we will arrange a recording and then record you in our studios, and then promote you on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

Our Team

Vineet Agarwal

Vineet is the Co-Founder of WordMic. As a hobby poet himself, he envisions to provide an open mic platform to anyone and everyone who loves writing.

Sarika Jain

Sarika, a co founder of WordMic, is an amazing people's person. Having successfully run her own Talent Hunt at Club Exposure, she believes WordMic can provide a take off platform to others.

Rohit Agarwal

Rohit is the brain behind the scene. As the head of operations at WordMic, he is an invaluable resource in making WordMic a success