What is Word Mic?

Word Mic is an Open Mic Platform for anyone who loves writing.

From Poets, to Authors, from Storytellers to Shayari Writers, from the young to the old, anyone who loves writing or listening to well written words, is welcome.

We are a Startu-up that provides an open audience to budding writers, poetry lovers, creative story tellers and authors via varios digital marketing platforms.

Become Famous!

If you are looking to showcase your writing skills to the world, why not join Word Mic?

Its simple:
1  Fill in your registration details and submit your written work.
2  We will organise a recording date and time at our Studio for you.
3  Record your audition on the allocated date and time.
4  We market your work for FREE on all digital media platforms.
5  If you have enough VOTES to qualify, we invite you for our Award Event Participation.


We are always open to new talent in Poetry, Shayari, Storytelling and other forms of creative writing.

We would love to hear from you and give you the platform for the world to hear you.